Where to fly this winter – Thailand

In winter months most people go in search of warm beaches and clear waters. If you are looking for the best place for a beach vacation, we are pleased to introduce you Thailand.

Leave behind the frost and snow – fly to Thailand!

Today, speaking about Thailand vacation, we would like to offer five most remarkable and colourful places that are definitely worth a visit.

1. Bangkok. This is a very turbulent and chaotic city! You can be sure that you will experience a real culture shock being in Bangkok for the first time.

Street traders selling everything you can imagine, the noisy streets and feeling of excitement in the air. It is worth visiting the floating market , try a local dish Pad Thai, known throughout the world , and visit a huge market in Bangkok at the weekend.

Bangkok in Thailand

2. Koh Lanta. While many travelers visit islands of Phi Phi and Koh Tao , Koh Lanta is a peaceful place. This massive island is rich with pure white sand , calm sea waters and not so many tourists ! Yet there are many bungalows however you can easily find luxury resorts .

Koh Lanta in Thailand

3. Koh Chang. There are two of Koh Chang in Thailand. The one that is in the east , it is best to visit during the winter. This island is amazing where you can go shopping and plenty of options to relax. The island is very mountainous, with a very relaxed atmosphere and beautiful water views. We recommend to visit the white sand beach , it is simply magnificent.

Koh Chang in Thailand

4. Koh Phangan. This is the most world famous island in Thailand, especially for the monthly celebration of the full moon. Between the celebrations of the full moon, you can use the whole island at your full disposal . Beaches of Koh Phangan are the best throughout Thailand. If you are looking for a quiet peaceful bay, it is worth a visit Thong Nai Pan Noi. If you like pubs, music , restaurants, and water activities , you definitely will enjoy Haad Rin Beach.

Koh Phangan in Thailand

5. Reilly. This beach is actually attached to the mainland , but it is possible to get there only by boat , which gives it ” the island ” flavour. This place is worth a visit, if you like active vacation. Raleigh is known as one of the best places for rock climbing in the world, and here there are more than 700 routes laid among the rocks that are just waiting for when you decide to conquer them! You can play beach volleyball, yoga and have choice of amazing beaches.

Reilly in Thailand

Why Thailand?

Thailand is full of delicious restaurants, gorgeous islands and bright events for tourists. You will not notice how fast a week or a few will fly. January is the best month to fly to Thailand. Temperatures are in the range of 20 to 30 degrees and very little of rain! It is the perfect place to relax this winter. You must not forget the swimsuit, book a charter and go to the land of smiles!

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