Where to fly this winter – Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe located in California and Nevada, and it attracts lots of tourists throughout the year. But, really this place comes alive in winter, when thousands come here for winter sports. So that’s why we think you should fly here this winter.

Ski resorts

There are lots of ski resorts at lake Tahoe. Whether you are a beginner or an avid skier, you are sure to find a suitable slope. If you’re looking for something easy, you can try your luck on the slopes of Siera. If you are looking for something more modern or more steep slopes – your choice could fall on the slopes of Mountain Rose.

Ski resorts of Lake Tahoe

Kirkwood Ski Resort offers even bigger choice. Here you will find the highest slopes and maximum annual snowfall of any ski resorts in Tahoe. And, of course, the local service will satisfy any requirements of the most demanding winter tourist.

Incredible views

If skiing and snowboarding are not the things that attract you in winter, you might be interested in hiking around the lake. Tahoe Basin network laced with snowy slopes and on each of these routes you expect to see a number of amazing species of wildlife. Trails have varying degrees of difficulty, from beginner to the truly epic trails. You can get all equipment at ski resorts.

landscapes of Lake Tahoe

If you want spectacular views, you can enjoy them from the helicopter cabin. You can book a flight on a helicopter on one of the resorts. They offer all kinds of missions, including the hour tour at sunset. Be sure to bring your camera.

Snowy expanses

An average of about 600 centimeters of snow fall annually on the lake . Apart from the stunning panorama of the winter, the snow makes it possible to carry out a variety of activities, you will not find anywhere else.

  • Dog sledding is perhaps the most extravagant entertainment available in these places. This is a unique way to explore the surrounding Lake Tahoe area , including under the full moon!
  • You can spend time by going to the mini-tour in a sleigh pulled by horses.
  • No trip to Tahoe in winter is without skating on Friday and Saturday night at the Olympic Ice Pavilion Squaw Valley.

Hot Springs

Hot Springs

If you come from mainland Europe, you probably have never seen the hot springs. You can relax in one of them in winter surrounded by fresh snow. In Lake Tahoe, you will have the opportunity to visit just two such places.

You can enjoy a dip in the hot waters all year round. Scenic Travertine Hot Springs is a little farther away from the Tahoe and in more secluded location. Both of these places are very popular and sometimes crowded, so you should take this as soon as you get it.

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