Where to fly in winter – Costa-Rica

We begin our series of mini- reviews on “Where to fly on winter holiday” with virtual tour to Costa Rica. If you have never been to this small but very beautiful place in the heart of Central America, you probably imagine tropical forests, clean beaches and variety of wildlife. And you are certainly right!

Waterfall of Costa-Rica

Few things can match the breathtaking landscapes and lots of exotic inhabitants of these place – from monkeys to toucans and jaguars . Where else can you take a walk among the active volcanoes, breathe the aromas of tropical forests and try your luck on a surfboard in the warm clean water. And it’s all available in one place, which is especially convenient for business people with a busy schedule!

The philosophy of “pure life”

Locals in this small Pacific country are famous with its relaxed way of life. Costa Ricans themselves describe this feature of their mentality by phrase “Pura Vida” (or “pure life ” ) . This philosophy of life is observed from the center of the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose , and up to the sandy beaches of the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. If you do not know where to fly on winter holidays, Costa Rica is an ideal warm place in all respects.

Volcano of Costa-Rica

To truly immerse yourself in the local flavor, sometimes it is worth taking a step back , stop and enjoy the spectacular scenery around. Surround yourself with graceful butterflies in the gardens of the park waterfalls La Paz, climb the monumental size of the Arenal Volcano , get acquainted closer with the locals in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca , or simply relax in a hammock under a palm tree along the Nicoya Peninsula . I’m sure you too will feel the taste of “pure life.”

Let’s fly to Costa-Rica this winter!

Of course, the fastest and most convenient way to fly to Costa Rica this winter is to use the services of Avis Aero. We will not only provide you transfer to the beautiful beaches, but also will help to avoid difficulties moving around the country.

For example, it is not necessary to rent a car at the airport upon arrival. Most car rental companies at airports in Costa Rica are expensive. It is better to book a car in advance or ask to help professionals.

Fly to Costa-Rica

Taxi drivers also have a cunning reputation. When you get into a taxi, make sure that the meter is running or arrange a fixed rate with the driver.

The majority of Costa Ricans are known for their pleasant and calm character , always welcome their visitors. Do not be afraid of their goodwill and desire to please the guests . The official language is Spanish, but you will find many English speakers in popular tourist areas.

It’s really a great place to go in search of the bright sun and warm sea , while in northern latitudes reign cold winds and snowstorms.

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