Where to fly this winter – Bora Bora Island

Bora Bora Island is undoubtedly the most famous island in the South Pacific, a real jewel of French Polynesia. The beauty of these places is unmatched. Bora Bora is one of the few places on earth which you hope to visit at least once in your life.

Bora Bora is not just a romantic ideal, a real embodiment of the paradise island . It is no wonder that the island is known worldwide as a place of pilgrimage for thousands of newlyweds on their honeymoon.

Vacation on Bora Bora

Love at first sight

It may seem that Bora Bora is something distant and inaccessible but in reality all this magnificence is within reach. The island is located to the north- west of Tahiti, in less than an hour flight from Papeete by plane. The airport is located on a small separate part of the island, known as Motu Mete. Upon arrival, you will certainly be met with a warm smile and a necklace of fragrant flower lei.

The view from the window of an airplane is one of the highlights that you will not soon forget. Lovers of photography must prepare the camera when the plane starts to approach, so as not to miss the view of symbolic mountain Otemanu. From this point on, each new moment will only continue to exceed your highest expectations.

View from the airplane window on Bora Bora

Living in Paradise

The name Bora Bora has become synonymous with water bungalows. Many of these luxury villas have glass floors that provide a huge window with access to the underwater life of the lagoon. Also, lounging on a private deck, you will find an unusual form of service – all you need to deliver with the help of a canoe.

This place is unique in the sense that the majority of Bora Bora hotels are built on its own tiny island. For this reason, visiting neighbors is possible only by traveling on the water on a boat. In other matters, that is no reason to worry – you will not want to leave your bungalow, not to mention the resort.

Water bungalows in Bora Bora

Activities for all tastes

A remarkable advantage of the island is that you can relax as you wish. There are all conditions not only for lovers of privacy but also for active holidaymakers. If you are still tired from the resort, you can visit the main village Vaitape, walk to the local shops and boutiques, dine in one of the restaurants in Bora Bora, for example, in Chiang Kai restaurant or legendary Bloody Mary. More active guests will survey the mountains Pahia and Otemanu or safaris around the island by car.

As the water determines the whole way of life on the island, there are different activities available such as diving excursions, scuba diving, yacht cruises, fishing, kite surfing, water skiing, and even a shark feeding. You can also make a parachute jump or travel around the island by helicopter.

Restaurants Bora Bora

Leave Bora Bora in your heart

Whatever you do here, you can be sure that Bora Bora is never forgotten. From the day you arrive until the moment of departure, you will be amazed by the rising mountain peaks, beautiful lagoons and the rich over-water bungalows. Take with you a piece of Bora Bora and a new experience which is much brighter than the most incredible photos.

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