Jet Charter

Do you plan to charter a jet? Our company offers a wide range of business jets, from light jets to large-cabin aircraft with 14 passengers. Our qualified team provides exceptional service to meet the needs of the most demanding passengers.

To book a private jet with AVIS AERO is simple

Please send us flight request right now! We will do all the work to find the best flight, arrange travel and airport transfer.

Aircraft charter provides unique possibilities which are not available to commercial airlines. Booking a jet with our company, you will receive:

  • Aircraft in your full own possession. You travel only with passengers whom you know personally or do business with. It allows to discuss business or simply relax with your friends during the trip.
  • An exceptional level of comfort and service. Some private jets have equipped room with elegant ergonomic seats, movies and Internet access during the trip ,bar on board and gourmet dishes on the menu of your choice .
  • No queues only a simple procedure of boarding. You can forget about long queues . You can get directly from your car to your private jet. This is what you need!
  • No connection flights. Flying on private jet you have access to smaller, less congested airports near required destinations. Do you need to make an unscheduled landing or you are late for business meeting? Our team will do everything possible to change your plans and get you to required destination on time.

To book a private jet is a perfect way to travel!

Booking a jet with AVIS AERO, you can successfully have a morning meeting somewhere overseas , be on time to negotiate and return home for dinner. We are ready to open for you a world of possibilities, having complete freedom in planning your work schedule and leisure!

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