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How to stay healthy in the air

For most people flying on a plane is associated with some stress. Passengers have to take care of their health themselves. Nobody but us know about challenges that may lie during the trip. We should take into account possible differences of pressure on board, a partial dehydration, low mobility from the moment of takeoff to landing, and the inevitability of a long stay in a sitting position.

Many have heard and even used some simple practices that allow the body to maintain a good shape during flight. For example it is recommended from time to time to walk down the aisle between the seats that replace a light workout. Make sure to change the position of the body and stretch the neck. If a flight will be long, you should definitely get some sleep.

How to stay healthy in the air


Let’s start with clothes. The mission is to select the most comfortable clothes. The main point here is minimally obstruct the blood circulation during the flight when the body stays a long time in the same position. It is always warm on aircraft, so extra warm clothes can bring additional inconvenience.

For a good night’s sleep , on the contrary , it makes sense to ask the flight attendant for blanket and pillow. It is important that these accessories are clean and packed in polyethylene. Be sure to loosen the belt or strap. It is helpful to purchase ear-plugs, cushion and headrest. It will be comfortable for you to sit and sleep.

Set to sleep on the plane

It is important to have spare shoes in the cabin, the best option will be readily available slippers. In case you do not have slippers, you should just take your shoes off and stay in socks.

Water and drinks on board

During the flight, air is filtered in the cabin, the temperature is maintained at a certain level. However sometimes due to pressure drop hypoxia can happen. Under reduced pressure, the gases expand and this can cause discomfort in ears.

For this reason the airlines encourage their passengers to avoid excessive use of alcohol , carbonated drinks and water, and it is not necessary to eat much on board. At the same time, due to the lack of humidity slight dehydration can occur. Do not settle for tea and coffee, drink more water and juice.

If you are seriously concerned about how your body will behave during the flight, you must exclude beer and wine before and during the flight. Alcohol can dull the excitement and help to relax, but even minimal use of alcohol during the flight may result in an unpleasant headache.


Anyone who knows and understands all their health problems, of course, must have a set of all the necessary preparations. From basic tips – you can take aspirin before the flight and carry pills of glycine. Glycine has a calming effect and provides the heart with magnesium.

If during the flight you can be sick, then you should contact your doctor in advance and choose special medication. It will be better to sit by the window or near the wing of the plane.

Older people may remember the days when flight attendants handed out lollipops. Today, passengers should take care of themselves, so it is worth to take with you candy to lay the ears during takeoff and landing.

Warm up during flight

We recommend not to cross your legs. On the contrary, change the position of the feet and body, pull the legs, place the ankle on the toe, heel, do rotational movement of the foot. Whenever possible, walk through the cabin. You can find a brochure with detailed illustrations of exercises in your chair.

In conclusion, let us recall that not everybody can easily adapt to changing time zones. So try to have a good sleep and rest the day before the flight and while on board.

In the first two weeks and nine months of pregnancy, women are not recommended to fly. The same applies to mothers in the first seven days after birth and the newborn babies in the first weeks. At any doubtful situation it is better to consult doctors.

Airline AVIS AERO wish you good health and enjoy your trip!

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We guarantee a high level of service and efficiency,
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We guarantee a high level of service and efficiency,
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