In winter months most people go in search of warm beaches and clear waters. If you are looking for the best place for a beach vacation, we are pleased to introduce you Thailand.

From the hot deserts and high mountain peaks, to the equatorial forests and savannahs rich in the most exotic wildlife – all of Kenya. Today we will tell you about this wonderful country, combining a variety of unique items, holidays and traditions, all that is required to see and hear at least once. Surely for …

Once oases made a lasting impression on travellers in the desert , now an amazing and unique Dubai attracts people from around the world for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and futuristic style. Dubai today – is the main capital of contemporary architecture , world-class shopping centers , restaurants and glamorous clubs.

We begin our series of mini- reviews on “Where to fly on winter holiday” with virtual tour to Costa Rica. If you have never been to this small but very beautiful place in the heart of Central America, you probably imagine tropical forests, clean beaches and variety of wildlife. And you are certainly right!

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