Travelling by plane during pregnancy

The flight can be tiring and stressful when you are expecting a baby. That is why many people believe that pregnancy is a reason to abandon any flights. However, in reality it is not enough to observe some simple rules and know a few important things about your health. Follow our tips for a safe and pleasant flight. ...

How to stay healthy in the air

For most people flying on a plane is associated with some stress. Passengers have to take care of their health themselves. Nobody but us know about challenges that may lie during the trip. We should take into account possible differences of pressure on board, a partial dehydration, low mobility from the moment of takeoff to landing, and the inevitability of a long stay in a sitting position. ...

Ear pain during flights

Many people experience ear pain during flights, especially during landings. The pain usually passes as soon as you land. We offer some tips that can help stop or at least mitigate the discomfort while you are flying. ...

How to overcome your fear of flying

Statistics show that about 40% of all potential passengers have a fear of flying. This is a huge number of people all over the world! If you are one of them, our psychologist has tips that will help you to move comfortably without any flight pitstop at the bar of the terminal. Everything is progressing but people are mostly conservative and do not get used immediately to the new. Hence all our...

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