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Charter and types of charter

What is charter? On official language the term "charter" is defined as: Charter is a contract of aircraft freight, according to which one party grants the other party aircraft on one or more flights for passengers, baggage and other cargo. And if you say it even easier, the charter - is the order of flight entirely. You can get the plane, pilots, flight attendants with meals and extras. But...

Benefits of business aviation

As in other areas of service, business aviation stood out the whole direction of the special VIP - class. However, it is not obvious what exactly are the advantages of business aviation. Of course, it means increased comfort , crew and stewards at your disposal , even the red carpet at landing. But nevertheless , what are the real benefits of using VIP aviation? ...

How to book a private jet

If you do not know how to book a private jet, you will shortly realize that there is nothing easier! We offer several options for communication with us: ...

To rent a business jet with crew

To rent a plane is easy today. One call or online request, the choice of the aircraft, route coordination, agreement - all take no more than half an hour. And you have aircraft ready to go anywhere you want. But what about the "driver" of this taxi? ...

Business jet charter

Business jet charter is the fastest and most convenient way to organize business trips. What could be better for business and leisure than private plane ready to take off according to your personal schedule and your own route. Business jet charter will carry out the flight in any corner of the world and without unnecessary cost and hassle. This approach is acceptable for business and leisure...

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