Concierge Services

VIP charter is a special charter for special passengers

Our quality allows us to provide flights for the high-ranking and well-known passengers around the world from the heads of the world’s largest corporations to the heads of state and members of royal families. Great comfort and our service on board will impress even the most demanding person, you can be sure that passengers will remember traveling with AVIS AERO.

What is the profile of passengers booking private jet charter?

  • Business executives, board members of large commercial organizations and associations;
  • VIP-persons, the country’s leadership and their representatives;
  • Celebrities, famous public figures;
  • Sports clubs and teams, members of sports committees;

Advantages of business flights

  • VIP service on board.
  • Crews are specially trained to the highest standards of safety.
  • A wide range of cabin configuration, from the seats of business class equipment to beds and bathrooms.
  • Absolute privacy and confidentiality.
  • Flexibility in the choice of volumes of baggage.
  • Transcontinental range flights in worldwide direction.

AVIS AERO offer concierge services

  • Ground limousine transfers
  • Yacht charter
  • Hotel and chalets booking
  • Catering from your favourite restaurants on-board

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