Charter and types of charter

What is charter?

On official language the term “charter” is defined as:

Charter is a contract of aircraft freight, according to which one party grants the other party aircraft on one or more flights for passengers, baggage and other cargo.

And if you say it even easier, the charter – is the order of flight entirely. You can get the plane, pilots, flight attendants with meals and extras.

But the main advantage is the ability to organize a charter flight directly to the point on the map where there are no direct flights or scheduled flights are not suitable for any reason. You have a private jet at your full disposal.

Types of charter

Of all charter flights around the world, we can identify the main types of such flights, based on the destination and major customers. Thus, commercial charters are divided into the following types:

Private charter. It is a type of charter for companies that need to transport their employees and senior management. These flights are not included in regular schedule and organized according to the demand.

Affinity charter. Popular enough form of passenger transportation. In this case, the customer is the organization and passengers may be representatives of sports clubs, trade unions, associations, social organizations and movements.

Non-affinity charter. A relatively new type of charter, in which the passengers are clients of the travel agency which pays for charter flights and serves as the customer.

Block-charter. The customer buys the seats of the aircraft in scheduled flights. Such approach assumes full payment of block, irrespective of actual use of the ordered block of seats.

Split charter. Mixed type of passenger transportation, in which different parts of the route are covered by both regular and charter flights. Different groups of passengers can fly to different destinations.

Inclusive charter. Transportation of tourists, travel agency acts as the customer who pays charter. Passengers are tourists paying for the flight to the amount of the package travel.

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