Benefits of business aviation

As in other areas of service, business aviation stood out the whole direction of the special VIP – class. However, it is not obvious what exactly are the advantages of business aviation. Of course, it means increased comfort , crew and stewards at your disposal , even the red carpet at landing. But nevertheless , what are the real benefits of using VIP aviation?

Vip aviation today

  1. Time and place. Once you determine the place and time of departure of your flight, whether it’s a national holiday, summer or winter – the plane will fly at exactly the appointed time you choose.
  2. Your own route. You can fly according to your personal schedule and required destination. There are no restrictions, the air space is open to you in all directions.
  3. Your plane. You can choose any model of aircraft different in class and number of seats. Our staff will be happy to help in choosing optimal plane model.
  4. No boundaries. Private VIP- terminals at the airport allow to pass the formalities of customs control and not to spend more than a minute of precious time waiting.
  5. Confidentiality. You retain complete confidentiality on the whole route of your itinerary. No queues and tedious procedures for check-in, no unwanted travel companions .
  6. You are connected. Business jets are equipped with modern computers and means of communication. Mobile communication, internet, fax – all this will be available on the ground and during flight.
  7. Safety. High class of aircraft in this segment of our services is not only the parameters of comfort, service, but also it provides the maximum reliability and safety of the aircraft.
  8. Comfort and leisure. One major advantage of the VIP aircraft is the choice of additional services and options on any given flight. We can account for all: food and drinks preferences, your vacation and leisure on board, ground transfer and more.

Additional VIP features

Of course, the main feature of business aviation is an increased level of comfort on board and opportunity to select the optional additional services. Here are the most popular options of additional services:

  1. If you have children, it makes sense to take care of the games room on the plane. It will allow children to fly with minimal stress. Cosy atmosphere and toys on board will help cope with the fear of flying.
  2. Special chefs can be on board of the aircraft. You can treat yourself with a special meal right at the height of several thousand meters.
  3. If you have a busy schedule, it is necessary to equip the cabin with beds. In bed you feel at home and can sleep well during the flight.
  4. In order not to waste time getting from the airport, it is worth to pre-book a taxi or transfer and book hotel rooms.

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